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So, i've tried this previously, but i was thinking i'd ask here if anyone is interested in doin a collab?

I was thinkin i'd try and get the whole "Main Characters  of the Anime's Pokemon" goin again, but if anyone has any better ideas, let me know!

If you are interested in joining, drop me a comment ^^
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Hiiya guys! Don't know if i've posted this before, but i was wondering if any of you have got 3ds's? I just realized i haven't added a single person to my friend roster, and I'd love to have some more 3ds friends, so if you drop of your friend code downbelow, i'll go ahead and add yah :D 

My friend code is: 3995 6545 5127
  • Watching: Hercules
Hope you all had a great celebration of the new year, i sure had! I have a feeling 2013 is gonna be a pretty fantastic year, and i hope it'll be for all of you ^^
And i hope everyone had a great holliday as well, with presents, family and all that goes with it ^^

Got lots of art comming up in the next few days, so keep a look out :D

And you know that feeling where everything in your life seems pretty perfect? Well, finally feeling it :D Just to post something positive here for a change :D

Keep on arting people :D
Just beat the sixth gym, Skyla, on pokemon Black 2 :D

goin through the volcanoe with bianca!

Here is my team atm

Starburns the Cofagrigus; lvl 40

Pelton the Leavanny: lvl 40

Troy the Emboar: lvl 42

Abed the Amparos : lvl 44

Magnitude the Azumarill: lvl 40

Ooh, if anyone has friendcodes or stuff like that, i'd love to exchange :D
So, last week, i was on autumnbreak in London, with two of my friends, and we went on the Harry Potter studio tour in Leavsden!

One word: AMAZING! One of the best days i've had :D If you have the chance, go there! do it! Now! don't even think about it!
So, saturday, i went to my very first Con, Torucon, here in trondheim, and it was AMAZING! God, there were some fantastic cosplayers there, with everything
from Circe Lannister to Commander Shepard! I was there with a whole gang, where i was Gold from pokemon GSC, one of my friends were Fionna, while the other was Marceline!
I swear, they had fantastic costumes, and really fit their parts! I also went with a griffindoor student, a Jack Sparrow and a couple of Volcaloids :D

Anyways, all the awesome cosplays there really made me wanna make my own great cosplay (the gold one was pretty easy) So, i was wondering if you guys had any suggestions?
I suppose i should be someone fitting my appearance (I'm really tall, and on the heavy side) so all yaoi fancy guys are out of the question :P

Anyways, do you guys have any suggestions? they would be greatly appreciated!
So, we're doin bookdesign as the next subject in school, so i need to read a book i can work with!
Anyone have any good suggestions for good books? I'm open for any genre really
Let's all hope 2012 will be a great year for us all!

Also, on a completely different subject, does anyone here have mario kart 7? i'd love to take on some people here from dA :D

Ps: commishions are being worked on, and now i have a whole week of vacation left, which will be entirely dedicated to commishion work!
How was/is everyones christmas? are you spening the hollidays with friends/family or alone?

What did you get :D?

I had a great christmas eve here in norway with my entire family, had a great time :D and i gotz an ipad for christmas, along with some other awesome stuff :D
So, i just found several clips on youtube with old FOXKIDS intros in norwegian, and it got me thinking, the 90's had so many good shows, especially on Fox Kids!
Some of my absolute faves were:

- The little mermaid (not the disney version, the one by saban)
- Bobby's world
- The super mario bros super show
- Iznogoud
- Princess Sissi
- Three little ghosts
- Heathcliff
- Braceface
- Happy ness: The secret of the Loch
- Life with Louie
- Breaker High
- Oliver Twist (the saban version, with animals)
- Huckleberry Finn
- Pigsburg pigs
- Eeek the cat
- Eerie Indiana (which terrified me, along with Goosebumps)

Anyone remember theese awesome shows? and, what were your fave shows as a kid?
Seeing as christmas break is just a few days away, i was thinkin, i need to do some drawing! So, i'm asking you, my loyal watchers, what kind of fan-art should i do next? Feel free to suggest any kind of fan art, as long as it's something i haven't done before in my gallery :D
  • Playing: Lego Harry Potter years 5-7
I am, and it's so much fun :D
  • Playing: Lego Harry Potter years 5-7
So, i found out, this is what people wanted, and it sort of is a combination of the retype and seasonal formes!

What to do:
With the new black and white pkmn games, we got the debut of seasons in the pokemon world. Pokemon like deerling and Sawsbuck had the ability to change formes after what season it was. So, the goal of this contest is to create alternate seasonal formes for a pokemon! So, that means, you take a pokemon, say delibird. Then, you have the original form, which fits best too winter, and then you would have to make a summer, spring and autumn forme for it! Get it? ok, i think i made myself clear :P So, you create 3 different forms, and assign the original form a season! Thats the basic thing


*You can do any pokemon, although grass and ice pokemon might be the easiest to do
* have to have atleast 1 different forme, but i'd prefer if you did all three
* can be both digital and traditional (sprites are allowed to, but have to be scratched)
* no tracing from offical artwork

I'll see how many people enter, and set a deadline after i have a set number of entrants :)

If your interested in joining, or have any questions, lemme know :D
  • Playing: Lego Harry Potter years 5-7
Just testing the waters, seeing if anyone would be interested in a contest? The ideas i have are:

*Pkmn Crossover: Mix pokemon and another series

*Seasonal formes: Design alternate seasonal formes for pokemon, like sawsbuck and deerling

*Type switch: Redesign a pokemon to give it a different typing

*Christmas-Fakemon: Design a fakemon with a christmas/winter holliday theme

If you would be interested in joining one of theese, lemme know! Also, if anyone else has any suggestions, lemme know :D
So, i'm gona put this one up here, even if probably no-one is gonna commision anything.

Hand drawn sketches: 10 points for a single character, 5 points for each additional character
Digtal drawing: 40 points for a single character, 15 points for each additional character!
Sprites: 10 points per sprite, 50 for seven sprites!

If you are interested, drop me a note, or write a comment on this journal!
So, i was hoping to get me a premium membership, but as i'm pretty broke, i was hoping to gather up some points by taking point commisions here! anyone interested by any chance? the commisions would be for both digital art and sprites, and i'd draw/sprite just about anything really
Yes you guys, it's true, Princess Bubblegum x Marceline is pretty much cannon! Lesbian Vampires FTW :D
A couple of months ago, i entered a contest in the Norwegian comic magazine Pondus, which is the most selling magazine here in norway. The point of the contest was to do a crossover with the Pondus comic and another comic of your choice! And guess what? I CAME IN SECOND PLACE!!! AAAAAAARGH!!! My name is on print in the bestselling magazine in norway! I seriously cant believe it! and it might not seem like a huge thing, but to me it is! The fact that Frode Øverlie (the man that writes and draws Pondus) lIked my comics means the world to me :D So, now i'm on a happiness high thats gonna last all day :D
Do you know what tomorrow is? Pride Parade day :D i'm really looking forward to it, as it's my very first pride parade ever! Gonna get my gay pride on!
Well, since i asked to get featured in :icontk36477: journal, imma gonna do the same here!

First 15 people
to comment get a feature, and I will hand pick 3 unique deviations to show, with a little description of each.
The catch is that YOU, the ones being featured, must then do this on your own journal, with me at the top ^^
And share the love!

1:  :icontk36477: Now this guy, this guy is a wizard with coloured pencils!… i love this one, both the design and the colouring! the way he makes the reflective surfaces seem shiny, and how that magma seems glowing, i can't believe he does all that with coloring pencils!… this one too is epic, especially the way he trasitions between the different colors so fluently! and the design of it is to die for!…………… here are some other great examples of how he makes fakemon that are both believeable, fantastically drawn and coloring skills that are just plain awesome!